"There are countless ways to interpret metallics and we have always been committed to creating colors that are sophisticated – not flashy and not too bright. The result is colorations that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion." - Sandy Chilewich

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Pebble Brass Round Placemats

Nature Drawn With a Modern Hand

Pebble, an original Chilewich molded design, was inspired by the organic shapes of stones on a beach. Sandy Chilewich reimagined and reinterpreted these shapes and translated them into accessible styles for tabletop. The openings in Pebble’s mold naturally connect to one another creating a graphic that is a thoughtfully considered juxtaposition of the naturalness of actual pebbles. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Placemats & Runners in Metallic Lace


At first glance Metallic Lace appears to be real metal, however on closer inspection it is clearly a very intricate and refined textile. The open abstract netting is "metalized" for form the metallic looking surface and thus becomes a truly contemporary lace.