Plaid reinterprets a classic weave pattern using 14 different colors for a complex yet refined result. Chilewich has the unique ability to create their proprietary TerraStrand® yarns with two colors on each individual thread. These “bi-color” yarns are woven with solid colors to create a sophisticated textile, with deliberate variation in the sequence and ratio of colors used to calculate a random look. The resulting effect is that of a plaid explosion. Made in USA with TerraStrand®. Contains Microban®. Available in Plynyl® Plank and Square Tiles, Plynyl® Wall to Wall Flooring, Plynyl® Floor Mats, and Wall Textiles.
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  • Technical Information

    - Made with TerraStrand®. Chilewich has substituted petroleum-based plasticizers in our yarns for phthalate-free renewable vegetable compounds. Plasticizers have traditionally been made from petroleum-based compounds and are used to make PVC yarns soft. No more. We call this innovative new yarn and the fabrics made from them, TerraStrand®.

    - Contains Microban® antimicrobial protection, which works continuously for the lifetime of the product to inhibit the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Microban® is ideal for any healthcare, hospitality, home or office environment where mold and mildew are a concern.

    - Green Label Plus™ certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute. These guidelines are written to protect indoor air quality by mandating low VOC products. Green Label Plus™ certification is recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council and therefore Chilewich w2w flooring earns LEED points.

    - Click here to download detailed Technical Information.

    SWATCH Images[.zip]
    - DART [download]
    - FROST [download]
    - SHADE [download]
    - BOUCLE [download]
    - REED [download]
    - IKAT [download]
    - BASKETWEAVE P-Core [download]
    - SPECKLE [download]
    - RIB WEAVE [download]
    - PLAID [download]
    - MOSAIC [download]
    - WAVE [download]

  • Maintenance

    - Chilewich flooring is very durable and maintains its look over long periods of time.
    - Simply clean by vacuuming or mopping.
    - Stains and ground-in dirt can be removed by scrubbing with any household non-citrus based cleaners.
    - Chilewich flooring can also be cleaned with a diluted bleach solution.
    - Click here to download detailed Maintenance Instructions.

  • FAQ
    1. What is the difference between bound and unbound floor mats?
      Custom mats can be fabricated without edge binding or with a unique to Chilewich self-bound edge, made by folding the face fabric over the edge of the mat and sewing to provide a clean, finished edge.
    2. Can you make custom floor mats in circles, ovals and other shapes?
      Yes, we can fabricate circles and ovals with diameters up to 18'. We do need a CAD file or template for ovals and other special shape requests. Custom shape requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.
    3. Why are there seams in my floor mat?
      Chilewich fabric comes in 72" wide rolls. If the floor mat is wider than 6' in width, it requires using two mats and seaming them together. The seams always run parallel to the length and are in the middle of the mat unless there is a request to put it elsewhere. If a mat exceeds 12' in width, the two seams will be evenly spaced.
    4. How can I make my own custom mat?
      Producing a custom mat is an exacting process that requires very specific tools. We recommend going through Chilewich or through an experienced rug maker in your area that has worked with woven vinyl before.
    5. Have more questions?
      Visit our FAQs for a full list of our most frequently asked questions and responses.
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