Introducing Market Fringe

A design breakthrough for Chilewich

Market Fringe Sangria

Our new woven textile has the warmth of a natural fiber while providing the durability and easy maintenance of all things Chilewich.

Market Fringe Quartz
Introducing Market Fringe

We collaborated with L.A. Mills, a boutique weaver in downtown Los Angeles, to compile multiple tonal strands of our signature TerraStrand extruded yarns. These new strands are then woven in both the warp and weft in a plain weave construction, creating a heavier, chunkier textile that is both beautiful and suitable for the floor or tabletop. Bolts of this fabric are sent to our facility in Chatsworth, Georgia, where we hand-finish all four edges to create a natural fringe.

In Four Sizes
and Three Colorways

Our Market Fringe floor mats, placemats, and table runners are exceptionally versatile. Used outdoors, they allow water to filter through the open weave and dry quickly. Indoors, they add instant texture to any room. Whether indoors, outdoors, or somewhere in between, this artful woven textile collection for the floor celebrates the beauty and texture of weaving.

Market Fringe Quartz Rectangle
Market Fringe Pacific Rectangle

Celebrating the Beauty
and Texture of Weaving

A heavier, chunkier textile that is beautiful and suitable for the floor or tabletop, indoors or out.

Market Fringe Sangria Rectangle
Market Fringe Sangria
Market Fringe Pacific