Chilewich Speckle in Blue.


Speckle features a subtle yet luxurious sheen, created from a Jacquard weave that uses a low contrast bicolor yarn in the warp and a pearlescent yarn in the fill. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Made in the USA with TerraStrand® and Microban®.
Custom Shape
  • Technical Information

    Technical Information

    Each Worktop is made to order. Choose a size, shape, weave, and color that fits your needs. The durable woven textile of your choice will be bonded to a waterproof, non-stick, non-slip backing of blown vinyl foam.

    Worktops are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are treated to prevent fading, but, like all textiles, may fade when placed in full sunlight for extended periods.

  • Maintenance


    • Avoid placing objects made of rubber on your Worktop, as this may cause discoloration.
    • If rolling up your Worktop for transport or storage, ensure that the woven side faces outward.
    • Blot spills quickly with a lint-free cloth.
    • To clean, wipe face of mat with damp cloth, using mild detergent as needed. If heavily soiled, rinse mat with water and allow to dry. Scrub spots and stains with medium-bristle brush after treating with spot cleaner or bleach-based cleanser. Your Worktop may also be soaked in a 1:10 bleach solution.
    • When cleaning surface on which mat sits, allow surface to dry completely before replacing mat.


  • FAQ


    1. What is the largest Worktop I can order?
      For delivery within the contiguous United States: Work Tops can be made in dimensions of up to 18 feet (5.49 meters) x 50 feet (15.24). For delivery outside of the contiguous United States: Work Tops can be made in dimensions of up to 12 feet (3.66 meters) x 30 feet (9.14 meters).
    2. Will my Worktop have seams?
      Our textiles come in 6-foot-wide rolls, so visible seams will be present on any Work Top wider than 6 feet (1.83 meters).
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