Sandy's Prop Room

Apr 15 2014

Sandy's Prop Room

In the New York City office, where Sandy has her design studio, there is a large space that is referred to as the "Prop Room." Throughout the space are floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with objects that Sandy has collected over the years from around the world. Among them are one-of-a-kind pieces from artisans, contemporary stemware, as well as antique and flea market finds. Plates, bowls and cups in porcelain, wood, ceramic, mother of pearl, silver and gold adorn these industrial metal shelves.

At every photo shoot Sandy chooses objects from her growing collection, which enhance her textiles and express the mood of the season in her tablescapes. Sometimes Sandy borrows or rents objects from designers or stores, as these pieces are often very rare and simply too precious to own.


This season, Sandy discovered The Porcelain Room. Located in Greenwich Village in New York City, this unassuming basement location is akin to an "Aladdin's Cave" for porcelain fans. The shop offers a coveted selection of both antique and contemporary porcelains from around the world.

Sandy had the opportunity to work closely with Henk from the shop to choose pieces for her Spring/Summer 2014 photo shoot. Among the objects she chose were exquisite porcelain pieces from KPM, Nymphenburg, Karl Ens and Hoechster.

To discover more props handpicked by Sandy and go behind-the-scenes at a recent photo shoot, visit our Pinterest Board here.

Apr 15 201412:00 AM