Chilewich Marbled Stripe Shag Mat in Bay Blue .

Marbled Stripe

Bay Blue
  • Product Details

    Product Details

    Marbled Stripe Bay Blue Doormat (18'' x 28'')

    Two distinct solid colors come together to form a heathered middle ground in this tufted mat. The doormat version is a horizontal tricolor that is doubled for the big mat (six stripes), while the equally sized bands span the width of the utility mat (six stripes) and runner (twelve stripes). With a backing of hardworking vinyl, Shag mats are ideal for bathrooms, outdoor terraces, pool areas, and entryways.

    Offered in four sizes. Good in all weather. Quick to dry. Resistant to mold, mildew, and chlorine. Made in the USA Free of phthalates.

    Custom sizes available.

    Product ID: 200649-001
  • Product Care

    Product Care

    - Vacuum, shake out or hose off with water to clean. Hang to dry.
    - Good in all weather. Quick to dry.
    - Mold, mildew and chlorine resistant.
    - Do not lay on top of rubber floor or place objects made of rubber on top of the mat. Discoloration of the mat or floor may occur.
    - We recommend that you occasionally lift, move and air out your shag mat. Although our shag mats are mold-resistant, the flooring underneath them may not be.


  • FAQ


    1. Are shag indoor/outdoor floor mats resistant to mold and mildew?
      Yes. Chilewich shag indoor/outdoor floor mats are mold, mildew and chlorine resistant, making them ideal for bathrooms, outdoor terraces, pool areas and entryways. They are also good in all weather and quick to dry. For a detailed explanation of our care instructions, please visit our Product Maintenance page.
    2. Are custom sizes available?
      Custom sizes are now available in select styles and sizes. Please contact customer service at Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm EST (888) 851-7130 for more details or see our Custom Indoor / Outdoor Mat page.
    3. What are the benefits of choosing Chilewich products?
      Chilewich designs are durable and easy to clean. Tabletop products can be wiped clean with soap and water reducing energy and laundry costs. Flooring products can be vacuumed and mopped clean. Chilewich designs are also long-lasting.

      Chilewich woven vinyl products contain Microban®, antimicrobial protection. Microban® works continuously for the lifetime of the product to inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

      Chilewich fabrics are covered by the GreenGuard® program certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, which protects human health and quality of life through the reduction of chemical exposure and improved indoor air quality.

      Chilewich original designs are available in a wide array of colors, styles and sizes, as well as custom sizes for woven floor mats.
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